Grow your practice by providing best in class pediatric
concussion care.


ImPACT Pediatric is a concussion assessment tool for ages 5-11 that presents testing tasks in a game-like, child-friendly format, on an iPad.

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Get insights with this Concussion Care Expert Advice Guide:

“Most children are tech savvy and it makes ImPACT Pediatric administration on an
iPad easy. In less than 15 minutes, you can have reliable data that can help you
assess and manage pediatric concussions.”

– Rebecca Garfinkle, Pediatric Neurologist

To you, pediatric concussion testing on an iPad means:


Easy workflow integration

Growing Patient Impact Applications

Increased patient flow and retention

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Eligibility for reimbursement*

*Reimbursement is available for post-injury testing in US as part of your concussion evaluation.