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A Battery of neurocognitive tests for pediatric concussion care

ImPACT Pediatric* measures visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed through baseline and post-injury testing to help determine if a pediatric patient (ages 5-11) can safely return to activity.

*an FDA cleared iPad-based tool

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Easy administration

Children can complete ImPACT Pediatric in 10-15 minutes, using an iPad under the supervision of a healthcare provider and parent.

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Potential for reimbursement

In certain cases, ImPACT Pediatric can help your organization increase its revenue through reimbursement.

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Liability protection

With proper record keeping, ImPACT Pediatric may help you protect yourself and your organization from concussion lawsuits.

When you buy ImPACT Pediatric, you get access to clinical reports that show the patient's scores and history, including the summary of factor scores and individual subtest scores. In addition, you can create injury reports available as a free feature in your ImPACT Applications Customer Center.

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Become a trained clinician

Take the ImPACT Pediatric Trained Clinician course bundle to get a complete roadmap on test administration, case reviews, return to learn, and clinical implementation.

Need a different tool?

ImPACT Applications has two other proven tools that can help you improve your concussion care practice:

Impact Tool

A battery of neurocognitive tests for concussion care.

For ages 12-80: ImPACT measures four composite scores on a computer or laptop (20 minute administration).


Screening Tool for Removal from Activity at the Point of Care

For ages 12-70: ImPACT Quick Test measures three composite scores immediately after an injury, on an iPad (5-7 minute administration).